Is SEO Dead or Is SEO Still Essential as Part of an Overall Digital Marketing Strategy?

SEO (search engine optimization) has been declared dead almost as often as the Chicago Cubs, who proved them all wrong by once again winning the World Series. “Experts” say that the internet is evolving beyond a need for SEO, artificial intelligence will change all of the rules and marketing strategies will be completely different. Maybe someday, but that hasn’t happened yet. SEO is still an important component of Web Design and digital marketing strategy.

SEO is Used to Raise a Website’s Ranking with the Search Engines

If a website isn’t one of the top websites displayed as a response to a search query, that website is essentially invisible to the user. SEO techniques optimize a website so that the website ranks higher for specific queries and is seen by the user, generating clicks to the website.

SEO is Always Evolving

The Early Days: When SEO was first introduced, it was more about code manipulation and technical best practices than marketing. It wasn’t a practical method for increasing sales or conversions. Black hat techniques began to be used to game the system and artificially raise a website’s ranking.


Google Penalties: Around 2004, Google recognized what was happening and penalized those websites that were unfairly using black hat techniques to boost a website’s ranking.

Practical Uses for SEO: Legitimate methods for using SEO were developed and it became a practical tool for raising a website’s ranking and boosting leads and sales.

SEO Got a Bad Rep: People who really understood how to use SEO techniques were sought after and charged high fees. This caused a cottage industry to spring up of low-cost “experts” who didn’t really understand how SEO worked. The end result was that SEO got a bad rep.

SEO Today: Web Design and SEO work together. A poorly designed website will not be ranked highly by the search engines. SEO is widely used and accepted as a reliable marketing tool when used as one part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

The Future of SEO

Predictive search technology could auto-complete search queries for users. Will this result in streamlined, funneled keyword searches based upon the user’s personal search history and preferences? Would this make keyword targeting even more complex? What will be the effect of the every-increasing use of video?

SEO will change, but still be necessary. Whatever the technology, competing effectively in a cutthroat online environment requires a business to employ legitimate strategies to stand out from competitors. Some version of SEO will undoubtedly continue to be one of those marketing strategies.

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